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Jeff, Richard, and all;

Is it your impression that those RRs that are developing and/or keeping
large followings are also those that have more RR-specific products
offered to them?

Is this a chicken and egg thing, or an egg and chicken thing?

Is it your impression that certain RRs are picking up more followers
while others seem to be stagnant? Why?

Is it your impression that the variety of RRs that folks are pursuing
seriously (i.e., as the "theme" for their layout) is dwindling?

As an example of a strange situation, what is your take on the reasons
why the NYC has so few folks (and thank goodness, some of the few of
them are active on this list) actively pursuing NYC layouts, product
introductions, and information dissemination efforts? Or is this a
verboten subject? No, I am certainly not an NYC-hater! I am just

While some would say that a RR like the Santa Fe has a large following
because of the beauty of their paint jobs, equipment, and locale, it
does not explain everything. And, it certainly does not explain the
popularity of the PRR (come on; Brunswick Green versus Lightning
Stripes?). Is this related to the historical societies? What is the

Elden Gatwood

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I have to wonder if some of this developed during the 1970/80 brass
loco market analysis.

I have heard similar descriptions of what roadnames sell (and
which don't) from a STMFC manufacturer. In fact, we were both in Cocoa
Beach at the time. The point is that even current data shows that there
are some roads that have a loyal following, and others that don't. The
size of the prototype is not necessarily a good indicator of the
popularity, and manufacturers will help themselves if they keep that in



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