Re: "Alien" Roads/Wine Car

Justin Kahn

Two quick reflections: although one can become fascinated with the exotic (I was an RGS fan for many years, and I still dabble in both Maine two-foot and British prototype), most of us do get our tastes and preferences established early, so it is not coincidental that I model northeastern prototype of the golden age, having grown up in New York State; nonetheless, I have, since leaving college, lived in Tennessee, Iowa, South Carolina, Texas (twice now), Virginia, Alaska, and two tours in the Far East. Granted I have had to relocate more often than many people, the last generation or two in the US have become quite mobile, so where someone currently lives need have no connection to what she or he models.
As to whether lettering beer cars for dairy products to discourage pilferage is an urban legend, all I can say is that those with a taste for mood-altering beverages are a persistent lot: witness the ingenuity of those in correctional facilities over the years to generate some truly nasty stuff, and the older tales of those who were desperate enough to try sterno and methyl alcohol. And that the issue communion wine for the USAF (at least going on twenty years ago) was dreadful; an older chaplain explained that indeed it was made that way to discourage overconsumption by unauthorized personnel at remote locations. Grape juice was preferable, even for high-churchmen.
Jace Kahn, General Manager
Ceres and Canisteo RR Co.

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