Re: Attitudes of kit producers, was:Wine car ops


I am going to venture a guess that will bring the wrath of God down upon me
from some quarters. There seems to be more of a correlation between those
roads modeled and those with active, and responsive historical societies and those
roads whose cars get manufactured and active, responsive historical
societies. The operative part being "responsive." From my own personal experience I
know I can e-mail the PRRT&HS and at a minimum get a response telling me 1) who
to contact for the information, 2) where I can get it myself, or 3) the
society doesn't have the answer I am seeking. And this was the case before the
PRRT&HS saw the light and began to earnestly look at modeling as a means of
expressing and maintaining the history of the PRR. On the other hand, I can e-mail
questions to the NYC historical society and 3-4 years later never even get a
"we don't know." This is just one example. Look at the popular roads and
then look at the level of response, service and professionalism of the related
historical society. A similar look at the less popular road will show a less or
non-responsive society.

Rich Orr

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