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The fellow at Märklin who developed the Märklin/Trix freight cars is
a friend of mine. He just totally doesn't get it. Nice guy but not
a clue. Believe me, I've tried to wise him up as to where to go to
get accurate information. I don't wish to malign a fine gentleman
but you all would be astounded to learn to whom Märklin went for the
information to do the UP box car. Märklin/Trix is a toy manufacturer
and they can't think outside that box.

BTW, as far as the Germans know, apparently the UP is the only RR in
the US.

Gene Green

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A big reason why I often dispute the "conventional wisdom" of
manufacturers in regards to road names is because their sales
(or lack thereof) are often a result of their own mistakes or poor
choices....[an] example would be a Union Pacific B-50-24 box car
painted as a Rutland PS-1! Did the Rutland fans swoon? They did
not. So now I'm sure Trix thinks "Oh, nobody wants to buy Rutland
freight cars!"
Tim, you're missing the main point of the ill-fated Trix/Märklin
venture into the North American market. Even when correctly
and lettered for the Union Pacific, a box car model with an
roof and an outrageously inflated price won't sell. A few of us
our noses, bought Trix box cars, and replaced the roofs because
the only otherwise accurate models of UP ACR steel box cars ever
offered in HO scale. Most other modelers stayed away in droves,
especially from the models with bogus paint and lettering. And
Trix seems to have concluded from this experience is that the
Americans have no appreciation for superior German design and
engineering. All of which tells us (including other model railroad
manufacturers) nothing useful about the realities of the

Richard Hendrickson

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