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Tim Gilbert wrote:
RAILWAY AGE would publish almost any shipper complaint. Was there a
significant difference between SP or other Northwestern road boxcars and
those owned by foreign roads?
It was, of course, before the ICC, so it wasn't just "any complaint." The ones I was recently reading were complaining that traffic had increased on all the roads serving the Northwest, but they had increased their car fleets much less, and the result, as they saw it, was increasing delays in car supply. I didn't read the statistics too carefully, but SP was typical of the numbers shown, with something like a 6% increase in cars over the time period quoted, and 30% increase in traffic. What interested me was that they wanted less reliance on foreign-road box cars, presumably only because the home road could control its cars and (in their minds) get them the cars they needed. (Possibly also a bit of the attitude PFE encountered, which was that most foreign reefers were in much poorer condition than PFE cars).

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