UPDATE: AMB R/Bs for Sunshine HO SAL B-6 Box Cars



It's been a while since I update you about this
project. As you recall, I asked John Hitzeman from AMB
if he'd be willing to make custom wood running boards
for Sunshine's HO SAL B-6 box cars. Reason: I think
the actual wood looks better, is easier to install,
and is easier/much more realistic to weather.

John's a very busy guy, hence the delay. But at the
St. Louis RPM RPM meet last month, John brought three
copies per my instructions and they are beautiful.
I've installed them on three of my cars and they look
great. They're thin, have the self-adhesive backing
(similar to the #294 r/b kit) and have the rivit marks
in the appropriate locations. John said each copy
would run about five bucks, less shipping and

So...if you're interested in getting a few of these
custom running boards, here's what I need from you:
Please e-mail me off-line at Golden1014@... with
the total number of running boards you'd like to
purchase. I'm going to take your number as a firm
committment. Once I get a total number, I'll go back
to John and order that total number and pay for the
total run myself. I don't intend on ordering any
extras--just the exact number that we require. John
will send them bulk to me, then I'll send them to you.
I don't intend to make a cent off the deal, but I will
require some extra bucks to cover shipping. Don't send
any checks to me until I have the r/bs in hand and I
can figure shipping. It might be a month or two for
him to get everything to me, so I ask that you be
patient until he can get the work done. Sound fair?

BTW, I previously mentioned to John that I thought the
Red Caboose HO X29 needs a quality wood running board,
and he was nice enough tot cut a few samples and bring
them to the RPM meet as well. I gave one to Ben Hom
since Ben is "Mr. X29". All I can say is Wow! They're
a great improvement over the RC r/bs. I'll try and
post some pictures to my PBase site tomorrow. I
recommended to John that he offer the X29 r/bs as part
of his regular line because I don't have the time to
handle 10,000 orders!

Thanks for your consideration in this matter. It's
great that John is willing to do this for us. He's a
great guy and really goes the extra mile to satisfy
his customers.


John Golden
O'Fallon, IL

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