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Group Members,

This whole discussion including manufacturers has been intriquing. My
personality is one that puts the locus of control on me, not just the
bad manufacturers. I, like many, have suffered because no one bothers
to get it "right". I choose to believe I am responsible for this and
am trying to do something about it. I can sit back and complain or
try to pry the imformation from others who have done the research or
do the research myself. Doing it myself is good, but is only worth a
flip if I publish it somehow and share it with others. Many of you
are doing this through this list and I say thanks. If you are not
sharing what you find with everyone in a free and caring way, you are
hurting us all and preventing the preservation of our heritage. Find
a publishing outlet and write up what you have discovered. If you
don't it all dies in the next few years. Again those thanks to those
you share their knowledge freely.

Bruce D. Griffin

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John Huey wrote:
"Seriously, I probably have too many Eastern cars like, NYC and

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