Re: Attitudes of kit producers


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Märklin/Trix is a toy manufacturer...
I think that sums it up well. They are a company that is more
concerned with maintaining their market of rabid enthusiasts who will
buy anything as long as it says Maerklin on the box. Prototype
fidelity doesn't play much of a part in this. That is why Roco did so
well for so many years in Europe.

It is unfortunate that they alienated many valuable contributers to
this list who were prepared to share for the sake of a better product!
IMO they also underestimated the intelligence of the average North
American modeller, who surely would have supported a superior product,
as evidenced by the continuing efforts of Mr. Lofton and Mr.
Westerfield et al.

Oh well, given the current sad state of the German economy I think
they will soon find their market niche drying up as well. So, the rest
of us will scour the shelves for more resin kits and pick up the Trix
product when it is dumped in a last ditch effort to salvage sales.

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