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Märklin/Trix is a toy manufacturer...
Obviously a long standing issue in the hobby. The one piece of logic that
always eluded me was this; Since it costs about as much to cut a die incorrectly
as it does correctly, and, since many knowledgeable people have been willing
to provide accurate prototype information nearly gratis, why bother doing it

I'm not talking about scale size compromising such as grab iron thickness,
but rather molded on blobs that are completely gross or misplaced or dimensions
that are WAY off. I can understand the economies of sharing some existing
parts, but, why cut the new parts wrong to begin with?

Reminds me of the old "Herman" poster the Apache YAH -64 project manager I
worked for had in his office. It's caption read "why can we never find time to
do it right the first time, but always find time to do it over again?"
Unfortunately in this hobby, the "do it over again" process rarely passes approval
of the bean counters.

The recent Trix entries are a good example of a recent outbreak of this
malady, an earlier example that comes to mind is the C&BT Shops SFRD ice reefers
with some serious dimensional errors. Thankfully IM choose to do the same
prototype dead-on correct. You can have one easy guess which one I have purchased
tens times more of.

Tom Casey

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