Re: Attitudes of kit producers

Bruce Smith <smithbf@...>

BTW, as far as the Germans know, apparently the UP is the only RR in
the US.

Gene Green
Well, no, not anymore. Unfortunately, Trix has also decided to pick on
the PRR. Their latest loco release is (another) GG1, listing for $550
with a sound decoder. It is hard to find any features on this loco that
aren't on the BLI GG1 (that lists for half the price) and to make matters
worse, the photos of the loco Trix is showing have a grossly incorrect
DGLE 5-stripe paint scheme. Sheesh, even if BLI messed up the colors, at
least they got the stripes in the right place!! And so much for German
engineering - the body of the loco looks to ride far too high above the
running gear.

In this set of planned PRR releases is also a totally bogus set of PRR
boxcars (as far as I can tell) and an N5c cabin car.

I'm pretty sure that no aid from the PRRT&HS was sought by Trix for these
projects <G>.


Bruce Smith
Auburn, AL

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