Re: Wine car ops

Roger Parry <uncleroger@...>

Would Wine cars of any number of domes be appropriate for the 1930's ?

On Sep 22, 2005, at 10:26 PM, Mr Charles burns wrote:

Hello Tim ,All
There was some discussion of winecars on this list a
while back, and one post {gatx417?}had a Bob Morris
photo of Fresno with many wine cars in view. So for
the central valley in the 50s-60s at least,wine cars
were not an oddity. This is enough of an excuse for me
to build a 6 dome wine car for my N scale 64'
Coastline layout.
Charlie Burns

--- Tim Gilbert <> wrote:

Richard Hendrickson wrote:

Wine tank cars would certainly not have been seen
on branch lines in
places like Kansas or Georgia. But there is
abundant photographic
evidence of them in the trains of the major
transcontinental carriers
that served California such as the Santa Fe, Union
Pacific/C&NW, and
Southern Pacific/Rock Island/T&NO/SSW, sometimes
several of them at one
time, en route to widely scattered destinations.
I wonder sometimes whether the "abundant
photographic evidence" is more
related to the oddity of a car than to quantity.

Tim Gilbert

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