Re: Wine car ops

Richard Townsend

I have a book about the Santa Clara Valley wine industry that contains a photo of four single-dome tank cars being loaded with Mirassou wine in San Jose. One is GATX 3827. The others do not have legible reporting marks, but one is a high-walkway car. It looks like they trucked the aging casks to the siding, and pumped wine from the casks to the tank cars.

Richard Townsend
Lincoln City, Oregon

Roger Parry <> wrote:

Would Wine cars of any number of domes be appropriate for the 1930's ?
On Sep 22, 2005, at 10:26 PM, Mr Charles burns wrote:

Hello Tim ,All
�There was some discussion of winecars on this list a
while back, and one post {gatx417?}had a Bob Morris
photo of Fresno with many wine cars in view. So for
the central valley in the 50s-60s at least,wine cars
were not an oddity. This is enough of an excuse for me
to build a 6 dome wine car for my N scale 64'
Coastline layout.
Charlie Burns

--- Tim Gilbert <> wrote:

Richard Hendrickson wrote:

Wine tank cars would certainly not have been seen
on branch lines in
places like Kansas or Georgia. �But there is
abundant photographic
evidence of them in the trains of the major
transcontinental carriers
that served California such as the Santa Fe, Union
Pacific/C&NW, and
Southern Pacific/Rock Island/T&NO/SSW, sometimes
several of them at one
time, en route to widely scattered destinations.
I wonder sometimes whether the "abundant
photographic evidence" is more
related to the oddity of a car than to quantity.

Tim Gilbert

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