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Gridley, Kansas is 56 route miles west-southwest of Ottawa, Kansas (MP
58.13 from Kansas City on the Santa Fe's Third District, Eastern
Lines). The actual branch line begins at a turnout off the Third
District at MP62.15 at a location known as B.N.JCT. The line ran more
or less in southwesterly direction over rolling terrain through
Williamsburg (16.6 miles from Ottawa), Agricola (22.8 miles), Waverly
(27.0 miles), Sharpe (37.3 miles), Burlington (45.6 miles) and
continued on to the end of the line at Gridley (56.0 miles) as a ridge

Burlington is located roughly straight north of Yates Center (about 20
miles or so on US75). And well east of Salina. So let's say, to be more
accurate, that Gridley is located in east-central Kansas. Sorry for any

Scheduled service on the Gridley branch during the steam era was a
mixed train powered by a motor car from the time that the EMC
gas-electrics began arriving on the Santa Fe. The M.190 even did a
stint on the line. There are photos of steam subbing for the motorcar
when necessary. And I would guess that there was an occasional grain or
stock extra in season. This has not been confirmed from records yet.

Again, sorry for any confusion. Hope that the above helps clear that up.

-- Bill Keene
Irvine, CA

On Sep 24, 2005, at 4:32 PM, wrote:

On Sep 24, 2005, at 1:37 PM, William Keene wrote:

> Andy, Larry,
> Quite an imagination, there Andy. And Larry, you are correct.
> is at the end of a dirt ballast, weed reinforced, branchline in the
> middle of Kansas. While there was a MoP line just west of town, I do
> not think that there was an interchange track (I am not even sure
> this line was  taken up. Could have been prior to the 1953 date
> modeled). If the car did manage to get to Gridley, best explanation
> that it is very well misdirected and truly lost.
> Westerfield, Sunshine, and IM have done a good job of providing 
> most of
> the rolling stock for populating the layout. No wine cars required, 
> but
> it would still be nice to have one for the collection.
> -- Bill Keene
> Irvine, CA
> On Sep 23, 2005, at 6:18 AM, wrote:

A couple corrections. Gridley Ks is not in central Kansas. It is in 
the Northwest part of Kansas. Salina Ks is almost dead center. The 
Plainville branch went from Salina to Plainville then on to Gridley 
and from there turned south  down to Oakley Ks. This branch was 400 
class 2-8-0 territory. Over 200 miles. Is any of it still in service 
Thank you
Larry Jackman
I wish the buck stopped here as I could use a few


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