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Hello Mr. McCoy,

From the few photos we have on this MILW series of PS-1s here is a little
more information.
MILW series 29000-29499 is a 500 car order from PS lot 8449. The cars
from 29000 to 29399 came with Camel Youngtown sliding doors and cars from
29400 to 29499 had Superior doors. Our photos does not show the running
board very clear but what we see it looks like an Apex type of pattern. The
hand brake, direct side view, looks like an Equipco E-989. The trucks are
Barber S-2-A. The cars had nailable steel floors and were plywood lined. The
rivet pattern along the side sill should tell you where the larger cross
beams were located for the underframe and since this was a later production
car, more than likely there were three floor runners running the full length
of the floor on each side of the centerbeam but without the particular
underframe drawings there is no way to tell.

Sam Clarke
Kadee Quality Products

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Ben, Thanks, I plan to use only the McKean underbody platform sans
bolsters and coupler pockets. It does have 3 longitudinal stringers
on each side which I think is right for the PS-1 which I will try to
save or replace with Evergreen strips. I've completed the side sill
modifications and they look pretty good. It really changes the car.
I had planned to use the Intermountain 40' PS-1 frame and some IM
details and kadee #78 couplers, ladders and roofwalk.

Bill McCoy

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Bill McCoy asked:
"A couple of months ago the group helped me identify a prototype
my McKean 40' combo plug/8' sliding door PS-1 box car (MILW 29000 -
29499). The biggest change to be made are to the side sills. I've
completed that. <<snip>> The builders photo leaves some questions
need to get answers for.
2. Would the crossbearers have been relocated or does the side
fishbelly take care of this?"

Depends on how much work you want to put into the car, as the side
will hide much of the detail. Be advised that McKean reused the
underframe from their GN double door boxcar for their PS-1 models,
what you have may need to be reworked if you want to make it
for a PS-1.

Ben Hom

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