Details of Erie 1958 cu ft covered hoppers

Mark Heiden

Hello everyone,

I'm making a shopping list of detail parts to model a pair of Erie
1958 cu ft covered hoppers, using Bowser 55600 kits as the basis.
From what I can tell, these cars were part of series 21100-21199,
built in 1946. Prototype photos are on Fallen Flags at:

3/4 side:

The brakewheel is a Universal type (there's a photo and story on
page 14 of the September 1996 issue of RMJ)that I've never seen
before. Is there a part available for this? The running boards are
by Gypsum, and Plano 090 seems to be a match. This part is made for
the MDC car; will it fit the Bowser model? Any suggestions for the
trucks? I understand they are Barber Stabilized trucks, but Kato ASF-
3 trucks look close to me. For decals I am thinking of Champ HC-
72. Are these correct for this series of cars? Finally, does
anyone know who built the prototypes? I don't see a builder's
stencil in any of the photos.

Mark Heiden

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