Re: Digest Number 2692


Re:Roller Bearing Models.
As some of you may have noticed, RBM advertized in the last RMC. Speifically
the LHR/CNJ ore cars. I have seen a built up model at Jerry Dziedzic's and it
looks very nice. Anyway I called RBM and we talked about the model; and I
ordered a couple.
It was one of those really hot days a couple of weeks ago, and Ed said to me,
"...I'd better get out in the workshop and start making some kits---gad, that
stuff stinks!..."

He sent me by email a catalog which I haven't opened. I have dialup and it
takes a month of Sundays to download, maybe if I had started then I could open
it now, but I wouldn't have gotten any telephone calls either.
I have a couple of (much, like a quarter century) earlier RBM cars on the
railroad; they are fine.
Waiting for my cars to put into zinc ore service.
Jim Dalberg

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