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This is not the same car, but is a clear view of ATSF end reporting marks on an ATSF covered hopper - the clearest one I could find on the George Elwood's site. Hope it helps:

Gregg Mahlkov

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I am having a problem determining exactly where the
end of car data would go on a ATSF covered hopper. I
did several Ga-52 covered hoppers. I have photos
showing the data on the sides of the car; but nothing
that showed the ends.

I am primarily concerned with the ATSF initials and
the road number. I think that they would be placed at
the top of the slope sheet, to the right (as you look
at the end). Is this correct?


Bruce R. Brantner, Sr.
Coyote Trails RR
Coyote Div. of SF RR

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