Re: ATSF Covered Hopper

Richard Hendrickson

On Sep 27, 2005, at 4:13 PM, Bruce Brantner wrote:

I am having a problem determining exactly where the
end of car data would go on a ATSF covered hopper. I
did several Ga-52 covered hoppers. I have photos
showing the data on the sides of the car; but nothing
that showed the ends.

I am primarily concerned with the ATSF initials and
the road number. I think that they would be placed at
the top of the slope sheet, to the right (as you look
at the end). Is this correct?
Yes - on the shallow vertical plates that were just below the roof at
the top of the slope sheets.

On Ga-58s and Ga-65s, 2" RR Roman


was stenciled on the sloping part of the slope sheets just below the
reporting marks and numbers. The photos I have of G-52s don't show
this, however, probably because they retained their original cast steel
wheels, but in later years some of them were probably retro-fitted with
wrought steel wheels and they would then have had the same stenciling
in the same location.

Richard Hendrickson

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