Re: Coal Dispersal

Mike Brock <brockm@...>

Dave Nelson writes:

For example, in 1950, tons of coal received from other roads:

D&RGW: 2200k tons
UP: 3300k tons
These two are rather interesting. Perhaps D&RGW figures are due to the Utah
Coal Route, but UP's is intriguing.

SP: 300k tons
MP: 1100k tons
NKP: 10900k tons (suggests why the NKP was bought by the NW, doesn't it?)
NW: 4900k tons
CBQ: 2400k tons
I certainly can understand the Q, given the diversity in Southern Illinois.

Yeah, mostly GS gons, not hoppers, but the point here is about coal
and most of the data I have is western, but it does address the point.
Anyway, coal carloads averaged a bit more than 50 tons/car if one wants to
calculate carloadings. By this measure, the puny tonnage on the SP still
amounted to ~6000 cars in the year.

And the large tonnage received by the N&W is a curiosity....
I'll dig that out in time.

Mike Brock

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