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Rob Adams


The CGW 87000-89998 series did have AB brakes as built (and the arrangement differed from the Pennsy component standards), but the earlier 1931-built CGW series, 85000-85998 (even), and 86000-89998 (even) both had KC brakes. If you have Mark Vandercook's book, "An American Journey", there are two good pics of CGW ARA box cars on pages 70 and 71. They were taken in Omaha, NE. (These photos are also on-line, and I imagine one of the more organized historians out there can supply the URL's). At any rate, the photos clearly show KC brakes on CGW 86050 and some of its mates.

I also have the Northwestern Lines article that Clark mentions, and while it contains a great deal of excellent information, there are some errors and inconsistencies in it. The most problematic is that the 89000-89998 series cars discussed in the article are really a variant of the 1932 ARA box car, and should not be considered as similar to the other CGW series mentioned above. As many of us know, the mere act of publishing something seems to ensure that even more/better information will become available, highlighting any errors in our original effort. To be sure, Mr. Follmar's article from the early 90's is still a valuable reference for those interested in the distinctive CGW cars and I remain appreciative of his effort.

Kind regards, Rob Adams

rockroll50401 wrote:

Another possible complication is the original K brake arrangement of
the CGW cars. Ben Hom
It's possible all the CGW cars come with AB brakes. The CNWHS had an
article on these cars with a builders photo of a 87000 series car
stenciled "expreimental AB brake system" or something like that. But,
the 87s were the last series bought.
There was a CGW car at Corralville IA (Iowa City) on the Iowa
Interstate. It was in CNW MoW gray. I believe the car is now in
Dubuque? I took photos of it at CV for someone and they told me the
original number, but I don't remember anything, so why did I even type
this paragraph??
Thanks Ben,
Clark Propst
Rob Adams
Wellman, IA
Modeling Keokuk, IA operations and the CB&Q's K&W branch, circa 1938

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