Re: Home Road Boxcars

Tim O'Connor

Tim, I thought that was pretty much an established factoid -- on
railroad <fill-in-the-blank> the number of foreign box cars on line
exceeded the number of home road box cars on line.

The total home/foreign percentages are always distorted by lots
of home road cars that do less roaming -- like gondolas & hoppers.
And CB&Q had a lot of those. Photos that I've seen of CB&Q
"merchandise" trains usually show plenty of foreign cars.

I think 1958-1960 were major recession years, no? But why 1942
would have been such a year, I don't know. Contrary to what I'd
expect just based on rapidly rising traffic levels in 1942.

Tim O'Connor

Whoever you are, between 1940 and 1960, the percent of CB&Q-owned
freight cars at home as a percent of Total Freight Cars on Line was
above 50% in only six (1940-1942 & 1958-1960) of the 21 years. This
percentage is a total. The percentage of CB&Q-owned boxcars on home
rails as a percentage of total boxcars on the CB&Q was even less. Which
means that that more foreign road boxcars were on the CB&Q than CB&Q's
own boxcars.

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