Re: NKP Car Movements

Bill Darnaby

Thanks for the data, Bill!

Interesting; it appears that all of the cars of meal originated east of
Frankfort, and then headed back east. Not a single one of these cars is to
or from the west.

Ray Breyer
Since I posted the list I figured out more about the load origination, if you will. As I was speculating, the notation xtown referred to the local elevator the originated the raw beans. You will note that a couple of raw bean loads came from multiple elevators. Most of the meal loads without this notation had another notation that I had difficulty in deciphering so I didn't include it on the list. In hand written script it looked like Loctonnye...a town I'd never heard of...but I figured out it meant Loc tonnage for local tonnage or beans Swift had in their stockpile. I will include this notation in the future.

Most of the meal was shipped bagged. The facility and loaded cars can be seen on the cover and on page 103 of Nickel Plate Publicity Photos Vol 2. As noted in the list some meal was shipped bulk...apparently blown into the car. Sometimes the number of grain doors used was indicated. I am discovering that grain doors were a commodity. There were bought and paid for by the railroads and they kept track of them. I have records of otherwise empty boxcars with anywhere from a dozen to over 100 grain doors being returned to the VAN or CIL connection in Frankfort. These would have come to Swift with loads of raw beans and were collected after the cars were emptied.

Bill Darnaby

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