Re: liquid chocolate cars - Milk Cars in the Southeast

Pieter Roos

Baker had both steel Pfaudler cars (I'm pretty sure they were the
40' versions) and the National Car milk containers on flats, all
with Baker lettering and graphics. Photos of the cars appeared in
the NHRHTA "Shoreliner", I'll have to look up the issue at home. I
don't know if they operated outside New England, but I'll see if the
article covers that information.

"Mars" and "Snickers" paint schemes appeared the 40' wood Pfaudler
cars, but in the late 1920's - 1930's period.

I suspect the "Eversweet" cars are your best bet, although there
have been threads about South Eastern rail milkservice on the Milk
Trains group. Particularly Seminole Dairy of Jacksonville, Fl. who
had at least one 40 ft wood Pfaudler car (late 1920's period).

Pieter Roos

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I'll do it, Thanks.

Bill McCoy

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Bill McCoy wrote:

Tim, Were these the steel GAC - Pfaulder cars or the wood
they keep their Hood lettering? Any idea where the chocolate

There was a thread on the Milk trains group last July 24th
Eversweet) about the announced Athearn Eversweet milk reefers
GACX 969
and 977 that were apparently in service between Frost Proof,
Lyons, IL (Chicago). The consensus was real paint scheme but
model. Wonder if Walthers will do this car? I model the SE
1949 -
and want to justify a couple of milk reefers.

Best check for answers with the Milk Trains Group for their
My OJ-Hood info came from that group.

Tim Gilbert

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