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Richard Hendrickson

On Oct 3, 2005, at 12:04 PM, armand wrote:

Ladders,I have seen photos of tank cars with ladders on only one
side.This raises some questions;was this practice restricted to one type or
one car builder?.How can one be sure to be correct by mounting the ladder
on only one side?Armand Premo
Armand, whether there were ladders on both sides of tank cars depended, of course, on whether there were dome walkways or platforms on both sides, as there was no point in having a ladder that didn't go anywhere. Tank car builders provided one walkway and one ladder as standard (almost always on the left side). Right side walkways and ladders were optional; some buyers specified them, others not. By the 1930s, most tank cars had them on both sides, but the SP ordered 8K gal. oil cars from GATC as late as 1942 that had walkways and ladders on one side only. Of course, cars with full platforms and railings around the dome, as on many ICC-105 high pressure cars (and some other tank cars as well) had ladders on both sides.

So the short answer is that, for ARA III and IV or ICC 103/104 tank casrs, there's no way to know for sure unless you have (a) a photo showing the side of the car that had no platform/ladder, or (b) photos of both sides of the car. If you have a photo of the right side and it has a platform and ladder, then it's highly likely (but not entirely certain) that there was a platform/ladder on the left side as well.

Richard Hendrickson

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