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Bill Darnaby


I think that you are correct. I have seen notation on some of the other sheets that indicated that the waybill originated elsewhere. For example, I have seen "xCyclone, Ind" elevator on the Monon sending raw beans to Swift...and "CIL waybill" under the car number.

Bill Darnaby

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Bill and list,

I can't help but wonder if the reason for the reference to the inbound
origin of the beans is for transit billing. It was quite common in the steam
era for railroads to permit "milling in transit", where the total freight
paid was for a single shipment from origin to destination rather than a
combination of origin to milling point and milling point to destination.

The note told the NKP agent to match the shipment with an inbound waybill
and prepare a transit waybill outbound referring that inbound waybill.

I'm sure Swift made use of this provision in the tariffs.

Gregg Mahlkov

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