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You can then choose either color or b&w or both. Then enter search words
like box car or yards, etc.

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I like to think of this as the "Christine Syndrome" - a hundred years
from now, researchers of the Rock Island will conclude that the RI
commuter power pool consisted of Christines and E6s based on the
number of photos in existence!
FYI: "Christine" was RI DL-109 #621. It was re-engined by EMD, so took on
a unique appearance. That's why everyone photographed it. "Christine"
refers to a famous person of the '50's who underwent a sex-change

My personal favorites are
Jack Delano's color photos for the Office of War Information during
WWII - whole yard photos in color documenting the variety of
equipment at that time and (more importantly for those who DON'T
model the 1940s) are a great reference for accurately weathering
steam-era equipment.
I was unable to find these at the Library of Congress website. (I did find
a bunch of Mr. Delano's photos, however). What search URL is best to use?



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