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Mike Brock <brockm@...>

Tony Thompson writes:

Larry Jackman wrote:
You stand and face the B end of the car. The side to your right is
the Right side and to your left is the left side.

You can see why people get confused....<g>
Larry's and my statement sure look alike to me. But there is a
potential problem with Larry's: you have to stand AT the B end, facing
the B end. Otherwise I guess you could "stand and face the B end" from
the side.
It is interesting that there are those that live in the real world and mathematicians who often live in unworldly worlds. Having attained a degree in mathematics about 45 yrs ago...and never really using any of it during my 33.5 [ note the 0.5 ] yrs with NASA...I can say that I have been in the real world most of the time since...although Mike Rose did comment recently that he often has no idea what I'm talking about. The point is, given Larry's real world unworldly mathematician might note that you could "face" the "B" end from quite a few different positions...infinite according to Zeno. Certainly, though, for our discussion, you could face the "B" end AND the "A" end at the same time from at least 2 different positions standing on the track...assuming that one position is to the right of the car when viewed from 90� to the car's side and in the same plane and the other is to the left of the car when viewed from the same location. See why Mike Rose said that?

Mike must be late...

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