Re: More NKP Car Movements - Jan. 1948 Box and Tank Cars

Michael Aufderheide

Bill & Tim,

The other movement that caught my eye (since I'm a
Monon guy) is the traffic to Sheridan Indiana, a mere
20 miles away. I've seen waybills for short (even 10
miles and less) movements from the turn of the
century, but not this late. Must have still made
sense in 1948.

Mike Aufderheide

--- Tim Gilbert <tgilbert@...> wrote:

Andy Sperandeo wrote:

Okay, here's the answer to the all-important
question of which Santa
Fe boxcars were carrying beans and bean meal for
the Nickel Plate in 1948:

ATSF 210497, class Bx11, 40-foot single-sheathed
car built 1929

ATSF 211130, class Bx12, 40-foot single-sheathed
car built 1930

ATSF 135563, class Bx13, 40-foot single-sheathed
car built 1931

ATSF 136494, class Bx26, 40-foot steel car built
1936, based on 1932
AAR standard, with Duryea cushion underframe

ATSF 272926, class Bx46, 40-foot steel car rebuilt
1945 from Bx8- or
9-class double-sheathed cars (based on ARA
standard design)


Since Bill Darnaby's List includes only movements
from the Swift
operation in Frankfort, your answer should restrict
itself to movements
from that Swift plant in January 1948. What empty
ATSF boxcars were
available for loading in succeeding months right now
have yet to be
released by Bill (except there were no ATSF boxcars
in Bill's list for
June 1948).

In the January 1948 List, there were 41 boxcars and
17 tank cars listed.

Seven (17.1% of 41) of the boxcars were owned by the
NKP which was more
in line with the 16.0% 1948 Home Car percentage (the
home road
percentage was 11.9% in 1947) than the over 75% NKP
boxcars in June.
Three of the January loadings were in NKP's #27500
series versus June's
23 in the #27700 series.

Railroads in all eight ICC Regions owned the 34
Foreign Boxcars. Two
were from the New England Region (both from the NH);
Three from the
NKP's home region, the Great Lakes Region (one each
by the AA, ERIE and
WAB); Six from the Central East Region (3 from the
PRR, 2 from the WM
and one by the B&O); One from the Pocahontas Region
(N&W); Six from the
Southern Region (3 from the ICC and one each from
the GM&O, NC&SL and
SOU); Seven owned by roads in the Northwest Region
(3 by the MILW, 2 by
the GN and one each by the NP and SOO); Seven by
roads in the Central
West Region (5 by the ATSF and one each by the RI
and WP); One by a
Southwest Road (SLSF); and One Canadian (CP).

One of the surprises so far in the two months which
Bill has released is
no NYC Boxcars yet. But to answer Andy's "question"
about ATSF boxcars,
I suppose almost any empty ATSF boxcar passing
through Frankfort was
eligible to be culled and placed at Swift for

The fifteen tank cars listed in January 1948 like
the June 1948 List
show the relationship between private car owners and
There was one empty returned to Indianapolis, UTLX
#12030. Since UTLX
was in the business of leasing only to petroleum
companies or refiners,
#12030 probably carried some sort of fuel oil or
lubricant to the Swift
operation and was being returned empty.

The 14 of other sixteen tanks carried Bean Oil. Six
loads were sent to
the Swift & Company Refinery in Port Newark NJ on
the PRR; four of the
lads were in GATX cars while two in SHPX cars. Since
GATX purchased
Swift's tanker fleet (SWTX) in 1930, SHPX's
participation is surprising.

Another four loads were dispatched in GATX cars to
Archer-Daniels-Midland in Edgewater NJ (PRR). Two
loads were dispatched
in SWTX (the old Swift tank car reporting mark) tank
cars to an unknown
consignee on the CNJ in Port Newark. Another GATX
was loaded with Bean
Oil and sent to the PRR Interchange in Frankfort -
no consignee noted.
The last loaded tank car was an SHPX one sent to the
EF Drew Co. in
Boonton NJ (DL&W).

Two empties, GATX and SWTX owned, were sent to
Swift's Fostoria OH plant.

Looking forward to the listing of more of these car
movements. Any
comments on my analysis so far on either tank cars
or boxcars.

Tim Gilbert

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