Re: Coal Dispersal

Richard Hendrickson

Mike Brock writes, in response to Dave Nelson:

For example, in 1950, tons of coal received from other roads:

D&RGW: 2200k tons
UP: 3300k tons
These two are rather interesting. Perhaps D&RGW figures are due to the Utah
Coal Route, but UP's is intriguing.
Much of the coal received by the D&RGW from UCR was handed off to the UP
for shipment to Kaiser's Fontana steel mill, so that doubtless accounts for
a sizeable part of the UP's tonnage.

And the large tonnage received by the N&W is a curiosity....
I'll dig that out in time.
Is that a pun? if not, how large a shovel do you have? That's a lot of
coal, even in 1/87 scale.

Richard H. Hendrickson
Ashland, Oregon 97520

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