Re: Walthers 34' PS 3 Coal Hopper

Tim Gilbert <tgilbert@...>

Richard White wrote:

There is a guy offering these for $7.95 on e-bay.
Is it suitable for the steam era?
Is the Illinois Central version authentic?
The April 1949 ORER listed 397 IC hoppers in the #73600-73999 series which had two bays, had inside lengths of 34' 2", cubic capacity of 2,256 feet and 50-ton trucks. The series was described as "Hopper, Corten Steel" - that steel I believe was a Pullman-Standard proprietary product. Now how well Walthers model replicates this series is the question - I do not have a photo of a "real" IC hopper in the #73600-73999 series to compare - Walthers model has the #73674 car number.

Tim Gilbert

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