Re: Were there 10' IH 50' 1937 AAR DD boxcars?

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I believe door and a half cars on the PRR (X28) were introduced to
accommodate auto loading, but were made obsolete by the introduction of
the larger volume, and wider door opening provided by the double-door
X31, which also provided more interior height for those loaders and
bigger vehicles. The X28 were then converted to X28A by elimination of
the auxiliary door, and put back in general service.

Didn't the N&W have a similar experience with the BPa (am I getting that
one right?), but just elect to seal the door?

I don't know off hand how many of the later X37 classes and other
classes were originally provided as double door cars, but they had some
percentage converted back to single door by fixing the auxiliary door in
place, presumably as the need for the wider opening was no longer
needed. In fact, the history of the fleet is replete with examples of
them adding or subtracting doors. Some portion of the end door cars
like the X41A were also sealed at the end, for conversion to another
configuration. As late as the early 60's, they were adding a second
door to cars not originally equipped as such, like the X41E conversions.

Elden Gatwood

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I'm working on a presentation for Naperville on Central of Georgia
steel boxcars. In 1937 the CG started to accumulate a sizable fleet of
50' door and a half 10' IH boxcars. They have the 4-5 ends and Murphy
square panel roofs that were on so many 1937 AAR 40s. Was there an AAR
spec for a 50' version? Was there an AAR spec for a 40' double door

I also have hit a dead end on why the passion for door and a half 40s
and 50s like the Central had. It's a combination of 4' and 6'
Younsgstown - Camel doors. I know N&W had a fleet of the combo 40s and
the SAL had a fleet of 50s with double 6' doors and plate ends, all
10' IH.

Can anyone cast any light on the why and wherefores of these cars? Was
it a customer requirement or just eveloution? Any help will be

Bill McCoy

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