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Ray Breyer wrote in reply:
Did the Illinois Central operate any 40' quad hoppers during the
steam era? If so, what were their numbers, capacities, date of
introduction etc?

Yep; lots of them. I have the following data on IC triples:

Diagram, 80000-80299 series cars, built 1927.
Diagram, 81000-81744 series cars, built 1929.
A lettering recently was offered on ebay for the 1929 series triple
hoppers. [Ebay item #6563374989]

Diagram, 81734-81739 series cars, built 1930 (actually quad hoppers)
Diagram, 81790-81799 series cars, built 1947 (originally Peabody
Coal, bought by IC in 1957)
Builder's photo, 212799, new 11-27
In service photo, 82351, built 5-33 1950 ORER listing, 75000-78959,
80000-80298 and 81000-81744 series cars, all 41' IL.

What is the best starting point for a model?
Probably the Stewart or new Accurail triple offset hopper.
The AAR triple may be suitable for some, but not for the "classic" or
'signature" IC hopper. The diagram illustrated seems reasonably
accurate and correctly shows that the IC used the "hat section"
external bracing later termed the "AAR alternate standard" for the
construction of their off-set side hoppers. In the time period of the
late 1920s, this was the ARA standard construction for quads and was
used on the B&O fleet of W-2 quad hoppers amongst others and this
topic was covered in vol. 5 issue of the RPC. The IC consistantly
designed and built hoppers that used the "stepped" rather than
"tapered" end panels to begin the off-set. I have photos of cars
rebuilt as taller and higher capacity cars in the 1960s that still
used this method of construction.

This type of construction is modeled better with the former
MDC/Roundhouse off-set side triple hoppers. It is not a very good
model, but can serve as a standin. As others have done in the past
one could use pieces from the various cast plastic hopper models
including the Athearn quad to create a correct master and then cast
the sides and ends. I am not sure whose model could serve as an
acceptable "core" body.

I hope this helps.


Bob Witt

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