Re: Couplers, Coupler Pockets, The NMRA, and Scale Size

bierglaeser <bierglaeser@...>

When you say "couple a bit too closely" so you mean closer than the
correct scale dimension or closer than practical for good operation
on typical HO scale curves and turnouts?
Gene Green

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Although I use the Accurail scale boxes, and appreciate their
detail, I still wish they were made of STYRENE instead of a
material that repels every adhesive known to man. The only
way to attach them is with screws, which mars their appearance
and is also problematic in many cases. The material also is not
easy to cut or file cleanly. What the heck is it made of anyway?
Did I mention they're not easy to paint either?

Mr. Storzek are you listening? :-)

And I have learned to position the draft gear a bit further than
the prototype, because the face of the coupler doesn't protude
as far from the box as a Kadee -- the result being that two cars
with them couple a bit too closely.

Tim O'Connor

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