Re: Sergent Couplers (was coupler debate)

Tim O'Connor

Yes, but the electromagnet would have to be OVER the track.

The Sergent coupler has a tiny metal ball inside that acts like
the locking pin on the prototype. It has to move upwards to
unlock the knuckle. In fact a good strong anisotropic magnet
mounted on a small stick, held above the cars should work very
well. This is also how passenger cars with diaphragms should
be quite easy to uncouple. Of course the car itself should not
be attracted to magnets or you'll have a problem...

If you have never seen tiny, super-strong anisotropic magnets,
then go buy one just to see how incredibly powerful they are.
They have many high precision applications, like disk drives.

Tim O.

If the Sergeant couplers can be uncoupled by a magnetic wand, would it
be possible to have some sort of electromagnet operated uncoupler - so
you could achieve the same effects as the Kadee?

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