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Thanks for the clarification. I may be guilty of just thinking about
this whole thing from my viewpoint as a historical society supporter and
prototype modeling supporter, and wondering if those in charge of
various venues truly understand what it is that they should be doing;
assuming they want to address certain needs.

It is clear that the goals and objectives of each are different, but
that the NMRA (and others) might be addressing the goals of a steadily
shrinking population. On the other hand, prototype modeling still seems
to be growing. It seems that very few in the NMRA are ready to direct
attention on what they need to do to "bag" the PM folks, which seems to
be an obvious course of action. Or are they fine with the status quo?

I don't know that we need additional PM meets, but I wonder if those in
charge with the NMRA have prepared good planning documents that say
where they expect to go, and how to best meet the needs of their
potential subscribers.

This same issue seems to be one affecting the MR magazine industry, as
well. I know you guys are not happy with what some of the printed mags
are doing, so what should they be doing?

I just don't hear anyone asking any questions! Who is my audience?
What do they want? How can I do this better? I am just seeing fingers
pointed in the wrong direction. Like at me. And I don't see myself as
a problem. If a magazine becomes irrelevant to me, is it my fault that
the owner no longer gets my $?

Elden Gatwood

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How many people go to each one of these events? I only "attended" one
NMRA event; the Long Beach one being in my backyard, and found it to
a zoo (the parade of baby strollers was astounding). Are Naperville
Cocoa really getting that large, or has NMRA shrunk down, or both?

Elden Gatwood

Permit me to point out that the Naperville and Cocoa Beach PM
meets are very different in structure from the NMRA conventions.

The focus of Cocoa Beach (and, I infer, Naperville), is on the
clinics that take place in the meeting rooms. While there *is* a
with model displays and a few manufacturers and retailers, it is NOT
really a "train show". This is in marked contrast to the NMRA's
Train Show", or (I infer) the Springfield or Amhearst shows.

I, for one, take my enjoyment from attending clinics, and from
talking to like-minded prototype modelers in between the clinics.

[Please note my bias: I am the Clinic Chairman at Prototype
in Cocoa Beach].


-Jeff Aley

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