Re: Walthers 34' PS 3 Coal Hopper

Tim O'Connor

Two points: A better 2 bay PS3 can be kitbashed from Stewart hoppers,
and hopefully someone will eventually produce a more accurate and more
detailed replacement for the ancient Walthers (ne Train Miniature) model.
I think there was an article published on how to cut up Stewarts to make
PS3's (something like 3 bodies to make 2 cars)...

In the meantime I have a bunch of the TM hoppers from my Dad's pile of
stuff that will be going to Ebay eventually for less than $7.95 each. Ugh!

Tim O'Connor

I think that with a little work, the Walthers car might serve as a stand-in
for these IC hoppers. But with the IC having several thousand conventional
twin hoppers, how often would these 400 cars really show up?
Ray Breyer

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