Re: The Dispatcher Knows (was: SP Freight Train Numbers . . . )

Mike Brock <brockm@...>

Andy Sperandeo writes:

I don't know how UP or SP dispatchers did it, but Santa Fe dispatchers' train sheets from the 1940s have a row across the top for train symbols.
It IS possible that the reproduction of the UP Dispatcher's Record of Train Movements DID have a similar row and it was not copied. Upon further review it looks like the reproduction MIGHT include several different sections of a larger sheet. It's hard to say.

Oh, what did those UP engines operating over Cajon Pass have in their indicators? Just their engine numbers, to conform to Santa Fe rules. So I can just decal the engine numbers into the indicators and forget about having to change them - it's good to model the Santa Fe.
And, of course, modeling the UP in say, opposed to Kansas...wherever that is <g>...has similar advantages.

Mike Brock

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