Re: Were there 10' IH 50' 1937 AAR DD boxcars?

Patrick Wider <pwider@...>


I haven't researched the geneology of these specific cars but they are 50', have double-
doors, and an inside height of 10'-0":

SOO 175000-175498

SOU 40000-40199

MEC 9000-9049

Pat Wider

--- In STMFC@..., "Bill McCoy" <bugsy451@c...> wrote:
I'm working on a presentation for Naperville on Central of Georgia
steel boxcars. In 1937 the CG started to accumulate a sizable fleet of
50' door and a half 10' IH boxcars. They have the 4-5 ends and Murphy
square panel roofs that were on so many 1937 AAR 40s. Was there an AAR
spec for a 50' version? Was there an AAR spec for a 40' double door

I also have hit a dead end on why the passion for door and a half 40s
and 50s like the Central had. It's a combination of 4' and 6'
Younsgstown - Camel doors. I know N&W had a fleet of the combo 40s and
the SAL had a fleet of 50s with double 6' doors and plate ends, all
10' IH.

Can anyone cast any light on the why and wherefores of these cars? Was
it a customer requirement or just eveloution? Any help will be

Bill McCoy

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