Re: Couplers, Coupler Pockets, The NMRA, and Scale Size


Hello Pat Wider, and others,

I've been follow this thread, quite an interesting discussion.

To clarify a couple of items: First, the color of the #58 coupler
packaging was changed from pinkish red to black to accommodate the need for
a readable bar code not to distinguish the change in the "gap" of the
knuckle. That's why the #78 package is the same for both the knuckle with
the gap and the one without, it came out after we bar coded the packaging.

The price of the #78 has nothing to with the gap. Last October we had an
across the board price increase on all of our products, the first in a very
very long time. Just like every business in the world we still need to make
a profit (perhaps a small one) and with the costs of everything going up it
continues to be a daily challenge.

Sam Clarke
Kadee Quality Products

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Hey! I just discovered an older pack of #78 couplers with "The Gap"!!!!
And the package
has the same color as the other!!! What the?????????????????

Note that the #78 pack without "The Gap" cost 50 cents more than the #78
pack with "The
Gap"!!!!!!! Give me a break!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pat Wider

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My #78 couplers don't have "The Gap". Remember: Black Label #58
couplers: no Gap
and Green Label #58 couplers have "The Gap". Just like Jack Daniels,
"Black Label" is

Pat Wider

I have # 58 couplers without "The Gap", but have the # 78 couplers too
been changed
the new design without gap?

Andreas Kuehnpast

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