Re: Were there 10' IH 50' 1937 AAR DD boxcars?

Richard Hendrickson

On Oct 6, 2005, at 11:32 AM, Patrick Wider wrote:

I haven't researched the geneology of these specific cars but they are 50', have double-
doors, and an inside height of 10'-0":

SOO 175000-175498

SOU 40000-40199

MEC 9000-9049

SAL 10000-10199 with double doors and X29 style riveted ends and roof (like the SAL B-6 class box cars)

KCS 25000-25049 with 6' Pullman single doors

Pere Marquette 71000-71249 and 72125-72199 double door cars with end doors

Pere Marquette 71250-71349, 72050-72099, and 72100-72124 double door cars, no end doors

Pere Marquette 72000-72049, 7' single doors

Richard Hendrickson

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