Re: Couplers

Tim O'Connor

I totally agree with you Richard. If you have a layout with track more
than 24" from the aisle then you can't use Sergents. Heck at my club
they even use 48" long tongs to reach out and pick up rolling stock
rather than climb over or under to reach them by hand. Which is one
reason my stuff isn't there anymore...

Having operated shelf, and spaghetti layouts, I must say the giant
layouts may be prettier, but shelf style is far more enjoyable (to me).

Tim O.

While I understand the appeal of the Sergent coupler for many list
subscribers, it lacks one feature that is absolutely essential for many
of us, given the nature of our layouts: it can't be remotely
uncoupled. So all the discussion about how to manipulate the @#$%&*
things is pointless to me; I have to be able to couple and uncouple
cars at a distance without touching them. The only scale-size couplers
that do that reliably are Kadees.

Richard Hendrickson

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