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While we are petitioning Kadee for unsprung trucks, let us ask them to
modify their truck bolsters so that we can add the brakeshoe clip-ons
that they make for the PS-1 box cars that they make. I was able to get
about 200 of the clip-ons from them several years ago. When they
arrived we divided them up amongst three of us. Unfortunately, they no
longer sell them in bulk, but in packages with enough for two cars.

It would be nice to have them available with the trucks with the
bolsters modified for them from the beginning. At present you have
trucks with brake beams cast on, but no shoes and a big air gap between
the truck sideframe and the wheelsets.

Tom Olsen
& Boundary Road, West Branch
Newark, Delaware, 19711-7479
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Patrick Wider wrote:

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Please Mr. Sam At Kadee,

Yes, I vote for the 78s in bulk, too, as well as :


- sprung, of course. Please, please, please ---

Why sprung? The toy cars aren't heavy enough to compress the springs anyway and they
don't equalize so why bother? They also don't roll as well as they could. I hate HO
"sprung" trucks. And while I'm at it Mr. Kadee, please replace those spider-web springs
with something more substantial. I hate looking through the spring groups and seeing the
daylight (layout lighting?) coming through. It's blinding. Jack Spencer rolls his own springs
out of heavier wire and they look great! Other people use brass loco driver springs. In
days of old when knights were bold and Central Valley made trucks with concentric
wheels, their truck springs looked better as well. Phosphor bronze I think. Why can't Kadee
make a similar improvement to the appearance of their trucks? Continuous improvement -
that keeps companies in business.

Sorry but this a sore spot with me.

Pat Wider

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