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Drawbar was also the term used on the PRR/PC/CR?AMT when I was working
and as far as I know, that is the term that is still used.
Occasionally, you also heard "drawhead," but not often, although the
official rulebook term was coupler.

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But Pat, this begs the question: how did they get closed? They
only close (and lock) if some action is taken. I know this sounds
like a chicken/egg problem (because it is!) but normally the
knuckle remains open until the car is coupled to another car.

Maybe the one down in the track was not the one that was opened when
the other car was cut off. So it remained closed. Maybe the same case
for the car you now want to couple to it. We had a lot of "Bull
Heads" on the prototype RRs. Also maybe the car down in the track was
kicked to fast into the track. When it hit the knuckle closed from
the force for the hit. There is a lot of reasons for a "Bull Head".
When We switched the E/B and W/B leads in Emporia Ks the car that
rolled away from us always had it's knuckle closed. We always pilled
the pin on the car we were hanging onto. Except when that pin would
not pull and we reached over and pulled the other one.
So on your prototype model RR you must choose. Prototype looks and
operation or Kadee drawbars.
BTW on the RRs I worked on there were no couplers. They were drawbars.
Thank you
Larry Jackman
I wish the buck stopped here as I could use a few

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