Re: Freight car types

bierglaeser <bierglaeser@...>

I have a number of ORERs between 1923 and 1960 (actually as late as
1994 but I can't say that here) and would be happy to scan and send
the list of freight and/or passenger car M.C.B. mechanical

It should be pointed out that the definitions of some designations
changed over time and sometimes the designation changed but the
definition remained the same.

RM in 1936 was a reefer with meat rails. In 1952 the same reefer was
an RSM. GMA and GK gondolas used to be separate mechanical
designations but are now lumped together with GB gondolas.

Requests should specifiy a year or range of years.

Gene Green

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There's a nice list towards the back of any ORER. If someone would
scan it.......

Pat Wider

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I did some hunting with Google, but isn't there a listing
somewhere on-line of the
various car type
designations, and their meanings?


Etc., etc.

I'd like to put some guys on another list out of their misery.



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