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The big bugaboo
will be the ability to reach the cars and accurately get the wand
position to uncouple the cars, or to be able to align couplers with
cars buried in a yard more than two feet from the benchwork end.
will really be a test of skill when humping cars, as you will only
seconds to lift ball to uncouple the cars as they go over the hump
or to
uncouple rear-end helpers on the fly. Most fellows that I know
will not
use these couplers as they require the operator to get more
involved in
the actual work of making and breaking up of trains and in
operations. The magnetic couplers in use today allow us to move
quickly in an operating session, while use of the Sergent couplers
bring us back to reality as nothing moves fast in actual railroad
switching and in train make-up and break-up operations. Just like
Army - "Hurry Up and Wait!
I am modeling Santa Fe's Alma branch. My only yard will be the very
small one at Burlingame. Most of the switching will be out along the
line where benchwork is 2 feet wide or less. I will need an
uncoupling magnet on a stick to reach one location on the wye at
Alma. Passenger cars with diaphrams will not be a consideration
because I will have a single coach, baggage and caboose car. The
greater level of hands on activity in switching process will make it
more prototypical in my opinion. We will see. I will keep folks
posted when I get some experience under my belt.

Jared Harper
Athens, GA

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