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why would the last one be a stumper the pennsy had a few poling cars. I do
not think they were in use in the 50's though.
Brian J Carlson P.E.
Cheektowaga NY

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This should be fairly accurate for the early 50's. The last one is a good
question that'll stump most everybody.

Dave Nelson
BH Stock, horse express
BLF Flat, containers, express
BR Reefer, express
BX Box, express
FB Flat, barrel rack
FC Flat, TOFC service
FD Flat, depressed center
FG Flat, gun carridge
FL Flat, logging
FM Flat, merchandise
FMS Flat, merchandise, w/ part rack
FW Flat, well
FWS Flat, well, w/ part racks
GA Gondola, cross bottom drop
GAS Gondola, cross bottom drop
GB Gondola, solid floor; Mill trade
GBC Gondola, solid floor; coke
GBS Gondola, solid floor; w/ par
GD Gondola, side door dump
GE Gondola, cross dump
GH Gondola, outside dump
GHS Gondola, outside dump, w/ part
GRA Gondola, outside dump
GS Gondola, center sill outside dump
GSC Gondola, coke
GSR Gondola, Covered
GT Gondola, coal dumping equipment
GTC Gondola, coal dumping equipment
HD Hopper, ballast dump - outside
HDR Hopper, ballast dump - outside
HE Hopper, not self clearing
HF Hopper, ballast dump in/out
HFA Hopper, divided
HFB Hopper, divided
HK Hopper, ballast dump
HM Hopper, self clearing
HMA Hopper, self clearing
HMC Hopper, self clearing, coke
HMR Hopper, self clearing, w/roof
HT Hopper, cross dump; 3+ doors
HTC Hopper, cross dump; 3+ doors,
HTR Hopper, w/roof
LC Box, muliple doors
LF Flat, containers
LG Gondola, containers
LO Covered hopper
LP Pulpwood
LRC Reefer, dry ice
LTA Tank, granular
MWB Ballast , drop
MWD Ballast, dump
MWE Ballast spreader
MWF Flat, ties or rail
MWT Tool
MWW Wrecking crane
NE Caboose
RA Reefer, brine tank
RAM Reefer, brine tank / meat
RB Reefer, beverage
RCD Reefer, dry Ice
RF Express Reefer
RP Reefer, mechanical
RS Reefer, standard
RSM Reefer, meat
SC Stock, convertable deck(s)
SD Stock, dump floor
SF Stock, fixed double deck
SH Stock, horse
SM Stock, single deck
SP Stock, poultry
TA Tank, acid
TAI Tank, acid, insulated
TGI Tank, glass, insulated
TL Tank, lined
TLI Tank, lined, insulated
TM Tank
TMI Tank, insulated
TMU Tank
TPI Tank, pressurized, insulated
TR Tank, rubber lined?
TRI Tank, rubber lined?, insulated
TW Tank, wooden
VA Ventilator
VM Ventilator, insulated
VS Ventilator, insulated
XA Box, autos
XAL Box, ??
XAP Box, auto parts; No merchandise
XAR Box, autos; No merchandise
XF Box, furnature
XI Box, Insulated
XM Box, merchandise
XME Box, damage restraints
XMI Box, ??
XML Box, loader; usually auto part
XMP Box, dedicated service
XMR Box, autos & merchandise
XT Box, tank
YM Polling Car

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