Re: Scale Coupler boxes

Patrick Wider <pwider@...>

Back at Boeing, I know an engineer who has a very large chunk of tungsten on his desk as
a gag. Unsuspecting people come along, curiosity overcomes them, and more often than
not, they try to pick it up. It's a riot to see the look on their faces when they can barely
budge the thing. And God forbid they should accidently drop it on their foot. The stuff
would make ideal hidden weights for flat cars. So would depleted uranium. A little goes a
long way. Do you know of a cheap source of either?? (Back Off Mike, we're talking freight
cars here!) This stuff would compress any HO truck spring known to mankind!

Regarding late back-dated checks, there were only three or four of them. The guilty know
who they are!!! (-: Thanks for the complement, Ed and I do appreciate them!!! RP CYC is a
lot of work and we're not getting rich doing them. It's mainly a labor of love. Besides, I
need a tax write-off for the ten grand I just spent on new computer equipment and
software (three grand went to the scanner alone).

Pat Wider

--- In, Denny Anspach <danspach@m...> wrote:
Hmm-m. Wow! Have we been reading the same material? I am unaware
that we are disagreeing on about anything.

I will give you high marks for thinking about depleted uranium,
however. Now there would a truck or coupler material that would
completely eliminate any of the usual needs to add car weights.

As to sending in late for RPC 12 and backdating the check, I want to
reassure you that my check in the mail is not backdated, and I
gladly paid you full price for another quality product :-) .


Denny S. Anspach, MD
Sacramento, California

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