Re: Couplers, Coupler Pockets, and Trucks

Patrick Wider <pwider@...>

SGL, you don't mind if I call you "S"?

Amen to everything you said!!! My eyesight is getting so bad I'm lucky if I can see the
derailed car in a long string. I wondered how the heck you could see the truck sideframes
moving around. You must be a young snot!!!!! <g>

Pat Wider

HO, Pat, and my club's got VERY good track work, laid almost exclusively by one man
who's got Very
High Standards. But even on very good trackwork there are occasional joints that don't
match, and switchwork with high numbers, where equalization does help, and id visible.
Mostly, the
trucks that do have the equalization are the Dan Kilgore trucks, which have pretty
wimpy springs. I
don't have trackwork of my own (except for the small amount I've laid at the Club).

I do believe there's a market, small, maybe, for a line of Really Superb Scale Trucks.
Springs with
appropriate visual density, low spring rates, all the parts (brakeshoes, etc) and that if
these were
available at a not-too-stratospheric price, changing out trucks would be as common as
it used to be
to toss the x2f's as far as one could, and replace with Kadees.


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