Re: Were there 10' IH 50' 1937 AAR DD boxcars?


There's an article on SAL steel boxcars, with a picture or two of each
class, in Lines South for 2nd quarter 2005, pp 4-13. The A-1 class,
which were rebuilt from old gondolas, looked especially odd: a real
modeling challenge!

Given the title of this thread, it may be worth re-emphasizing that
classes AF and A-2 were 50' cars, but SAL's other double-door boxcars
(A-1 and AF-1 through AF-5) were all 40' cars.

Al Brown, Melbourne, Fla.

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I forgot to mention that AF-1's were numbered 11000-11699. FYI: I'm
doing an article on
the SAL turtle-back cars for RP CYC Vol. 13.

Pat Wider

AF-2's were numbered 11700-11999 and 22000-22199.

A-1's were numbered 9011-9060.

Pat Wider

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