Re: Couplers, Coupler Pockets, and Trucks

Fred in Vt. <pennsy@...>


You've made my day. Was beginning to think I was one of the last who remembered bent metal tabs & slots for couplers.

What a lot of modelers would find useful are some leaf spring replacements for Kadee trucks. The last ones I have came in a Silver Streak box.

Another item is to put a black blank panel behind the truck springs, this eliminates the daylight issue with the coil springs.

IIRC, the first sprung trucks purchased came in a Binkley kit.

Fred Freitas

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Subject: [STMFC] Re: Couplers, Coupler Pockets, and Trucks

--- In, "S. Busch" <SCSBusch@W...> wrote:
> When I cut my teeth in model railroading, American Flyer had chrome plated
> journal boxes on sheet steel sideframe trucks.

My first experience was with nickel-plated rails - three of them with 27" diameter curves.

The first time I ever saw
> real looking truck they were HO sprung Varneys or Athearns or something.

Me too!

> I have never quite recovered, and still prefer real springs.

I'd prefer real prototype springs but I don't think they'd fit plus they'd collapse my
benchwork. (-:}

Pat Wider

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